CleanSecure Mission

it's our passion to reconnect the cleaning stations with cargo owners / shipper who have a direct interest that the tankcleaning is traceable and done well.

CleanSecure will monitor the quality of the tank-cleaning process by collecting, analyzing and distributing real time process-data of connected cleaning bays to shippers, owners, transporters and cleaning stations.

Legal responsibilities Cleaning Stations
and Transporteurs limited

Tank Cleaning Quality Assurance lab test
How can it be secure a cleaning is done well ?
Who have what interests ? The following 3 parties
can be identified interested in the process:

1. Tank Cleaning Stations
2. Transporter
3. Cargo Owner / Shipper

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The benefits of monitoring the tank cleaning process

Securing the Quality of cleaning procedures within the supply chain;
Management by Exceptions;
Transparancy, Accuracy & Responsibility;
Efficiency in Field Audits.

Remote Process Monitoring

Cleaning Stations in Europe